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Turning our clients’ supply chain into a key competitive advantage is a priority of FDL Group.

At FDL group we have the knowledge and long experience to manage our clients’ goods in the best way, providing storage services tailored to their needs.

Our well-trained staff, combined with the use of the latest technology, continuous optimizations of our processes and the adoption of a lean culture at all levels of our organization, allows us to manage all types of goods in the same efficient and effective way, helping our clients enhance their competitive advantage.


FDL group has 11 Distribution Centers within Greece with a total capacity of over 100,000 pallet spaces, covering all storage conditions.

Ξηρού Φορτίου 80000 παλετοθέσεις
Κλιματισμού 12000 παλετοθέσεις
Ψύξης 5000 παλετοθέσεις
Κατάψυξης 3000 παλετοθέσεις

Order Preparation

The collection of orders using the latest technology, as well as the continuous training of our staff, allows us to collect more than 100,000 boxes and 30,000 pieces per day with an accuracy that exceeds 99.5% of all orders.

The technologies used to collect orders are:

  • RF
  • Voice picking
  • Vision picking
  • Goods to person

Office space for our depositors

Within the storage areas of our depositors’ products, we offer equipped offices and continuous support from our IT and technical staff

Customs warehouse

We have the ability to provide customs and tax warehouse for all our depositors and for all storage conditions.

Issue and Management and Electronic Archiving of Documents and Invoices

The two-way communication between our systems and those of our clients allows the immediate issue, management of documents and invoices of our clients. Also, all notes are digitized and archived for better management of our customers’ data.


All Distribution Centers provide special Cross-Docking areas for the optimal flow of the supply chain of our clients and the immediate distribution of their goods at the points of sale. Every day, we manage over 50,000 boxes, which remain in the cross-docking area for less than 24 hours.

Reverse Logistics

At FDL Group we recognize the importance that modern supply chains give to the management of their products, from the point of consumption to the point of origin (Reverse Logistics). For this reason, we offer competitive services by collecting the returned products within 24 hours of receiving their return order and by placing them in the client’s stock within 48 hours.

Both our fleet and our Distribution Centers have all the appropriate licenses to transport and manage the unsuitable goods of our clients.

Co-Packing / Repackaging

Always guided by the enhancement of the competitive advantage of our clients, we provide repackaging services in all temperature conditions (Dry, Air Conditioned & Cooling), in a specialized Repacking Center in Aspropyrgos. The mechanical equipment of the latest technology that we have in combination with our well-trained and experienced staff allows us to provide our clients with any kind of repackaging which is required:

  • Labeling
  • Barcode printing
  • Total shrinkage
  • Shrinking label / sleeve
  • Flowpack
  • Nets
  • Creating standboxes
  • Gift boxes


The provision of distribution services is one of the main competitive advantages of the group.

The reliability of a modern fleet of 150 vehicles in Greece and Cyprus in combination with our well-trained staff, offers to our group the flexibility that is required to meet the different needs of our customers.

All our vehicles – refrigerators are equipped with hydraulic doors and temperature recorders, while their different sizes allow us to serve all the final delivery points, without any problems.
Every day we deliver app. 2.000 orders of temperature controlled products (-24 to +18) and 2.100 orders of dry cargo.

Using the latest technology and a continuous driver training program, FDL group reaches 99.9% as a perfect order fulfillment rate.

  • We provide nationwide coverage through an extensive network, consisting of three Distribution Centers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras and three transshipment stations in other areas of Greece (Larissa, Ioannina, Tripoli)
  • We distribute in all temperature conditions (freezer, refrigeration, air conditioning and dry)
  • We plan daily itineraries on the main axes of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Tripoli, Ioannina, Larissa and Crete
  • We deliver full truck loads (FTL) and partial truck loads (LTL) and make D2D (door to door) deliveries to more than 5.000 points nationwide
  • We manage returns of goods, while we support the collection of empty pallets (Reverse Logistics)
  • We collect and pay COD on a regular weekly schedule
  • We make special deliveries such as special equipment, spare parts, small packages, express, gifts etc.

Monitoring - Updating

Through the innovative application, RTMOTO, we provide services for updating the delivery status of orders in real time.

Through telematics (GPS) applications we provide tracking services of vehicles in real time.

Through the e-logistics application we provide reports on the collection and status of cash on delivery as well as information on the collection and justification of returns.

“Cash on delivery” management

We at FDL Group, realizing the need for flexibility of depositors, for crediting the goods of our customers, we manage to handle delivery with cash & POS, systematically and with immediate information of status.

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